Monday, September 17, 2007

First Day for Semester 2


Early in the morning, i met up with ma W46F people.. We meet at BK then we walk to school together... We are as close as before.. Nothing could separate us... We are one family... So sweet. Wish this semester i have W46F back.. Once we reach school, we gp to our new classes. Me and vincent walk together to our class but different level. I am at level 6 room M.. Lucky i met Mya and we went to class together.. So scary la... Funny and weird faces.

When i entered the class, it wasn't too bad... most of them are very friendly. As per normal as what i did in semester one, i collect all the contacts of all my new classmates. i only know yo xing and mya in that class..... The first stranger to talk to me is Kennny, perry's fren. He is kinda friendly and luv to smile... Our first module is enterprise and our faci is Marie.. Very long winded person yet very PR and friendly person. We play our first game in Sem 2... Ver nice game like taboo..... Without wasting our time, me and mya took pictures... Cam whore!!

That's us.. The post it is paste behind our back and find another partner to describe it.. And we must guess it.... WOW!!! FUN!! First day, first FMt and first for everything la. Futhermore, i msu become the faci for meeting one... Marie is so lazy to write for us on the board for FMT.. Terrible... Today's prob is quite diffcult!!!
Howeve, i could solve it with the help of Reena. During the breakouts, W46F met up again in the cnateen and chit chat.. so fun to hear each other class's stories... he he.. Oppss.. Meeting 3, i tink ma grp did well today... I am able to answer the faci qns and relate back to our last sem work. She was impress i could say... he he..
I have drama today after school... Only the ensemble people.. It was fun and polish our scence properly before our production on the 29th this mth... i cannot wait la.. so excited... i break fast with fifa, yan and iskandar.... We went to 7-11.. i guess i will breaking fast in sch the next few days cuz i have training almost everyday..
I nid to get ready for tml... Got cheerleading preactice tml... Science module and new gro tml... Good luck to me......

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Fun Training!!

I wake up late!! Oh Gosh!!!

My alarm rang at 7.00am but i wake up at 8.ooam. My training starts at 9.00am at National Library. Futhermore, i lie to Karthink that i was on the way. I quickly get up from ma bed and took a bath quickly. Iron ma clothes, pack ma bag and rush out quickly. I told Karthik that i will meet him at City Hall Station. After a few minutes, he called me up and told me he was at Bugis station waiting for me. Argh!! Never get ma instruction properly. I reached Bugis Station at about 9,05am.. I am so late.. We walk quickly to the library.

There was nobody at the reception area but we saw a security at her deask. I dun wan to ask her because she seem that she will not know about the training.

I was indeed very wrong. Karthik asked her and she able to answer and direct us to the room.... So the pharse "DON'T JUGDE THE BOOK" really works today.

We are not LATE. The training start at 9.30am. Btw is not our fault, is Renugah. She never provide sufficient information to us and never mail us as the date for the class is getting near. The class was boring at the beginning but as it go along it was fun. Miss Lyn, the trainer was so cheerful and brighten up day up as well as Karthik! She equipped us with sufficient knowledge about storytelling.. There's was refreshment provided! Too bad i can;t eat it cuz i am fasting... Karthik eat the refresehment; there ws e-clair, sandwich and some other light food.. We have group work berfore ending the session. It was so fun... I dun like one of the auntie!! I think ma team did a great job when we present our werk.. Me and Karthink do the HELLO CHEER before presenting... Ha Ha!! One of he group(4 teenager from Boon Lay CC) was disorganised. On the whole, it was fun....

Got to go for werk!! and break fast later at 7.05pm.....

Me with ma fav paper BAG!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Kayne West and 50 Cent Album Launch at MOS!!!

Hey bitch!

I went to MOS again. But this time, Sulaiman called me up to check if i wanna join him. He say that he got extra tickets for the party. Without any hestitation, i called up Nelly and LuLu to join me for this party. They agreed to join the party. Called up Irfan but he can't make it cuz he need to attend ramadhan prayer... Is okie.... It will be more fun if Irfan, Sun and Vin will be with us..

So we went up to meet with Sulaiman, Hazlinda and Natasha first at Clarke Quay. Gurmit was late.... On the way to the ckub, we met Sunshine and Sabrina then Vincent and fren..... They go and collect their respective IC. Hope they are with us dancing in the club..

We get the tickets and went inside for a while. The same bouncer ytd disturb me again.. He asked me whether he can touch me again..(Check me again) He look damn hot in those pink uniform. After gurmit come, we went to Bk to eat cuz the event start ard 11 plus....

We ate BK Student meal... Cheap la!! After our stomach are full, we went in and party.. At the beginning, music was not that nice, after a few minutes, it was so groovy... Ma secondary school classmate perform his RAP song.. GO HAKIM! GO HAKIM!!! He is so cool and a good rapper too...

We dance and groove to the music.. We start dancing and stop for a while for a drink.. Indeed, Cam-whoring is a MUST cuz is already in our blood... WOAH!! Free complimentary of TERKILA drink..... I dun drink alcohol so i just look at them drinking!!! The album launch was fantastic.... All the guy are super hot!!!

I will like to comment on everyone this evening....

Lulu: She is hot..... She can dance really well. She shake and shake and shake...!!! WOW.... She can't stop dancing once the music starts... She is an ultraviolet!

Nelly: Miss Britney!! She dance like a wild cat.. I am impree she can dance with her heel that well!! Go gal!

Natasha: WOW! WOW! WOW! She can really move and shake it.... Super woman la...

Hazlinda: Ma Beyonce.. Luv those move..... Your hump is so yummy till one guy check on you...You cn dance too!

Gurmit: Oh my god! You are so hot and hairy..... You can dance too. Maybe better than Prabu! Ha HA!

Sulaiman: You are super hot... Very hot till i am persipiring!! Shake it more...

Thanks to Sulaiman for his tickets.... Alrite.. I need to eat some food... Second dae of fasting!! Later at 3pm got Drama practice.. Haiz.... Must do ma best.... Good Nite!

My First Time Blogging!!

Oh my god!

I decided to have my own blog. In my friendster i can't expree myself that much and could not put a lot of ma recent pictures.... However, this is ma first time.. I am kinda nervous cuz i dunno anything about blogging. I dunno how to have a nice template, a tagboard ad etc... Nevermind, i will ask ma fren when the school re-open on modae! New class.... All the people look so scary... Lucky i got MYA, ma new bitch on the block....

Ytd, me and my bitches went to MOS.(Vin,Irfan, Sun, Lulu,Nel) We are not as lucky as the rest. Sun and Vin can't go inside even though they have the fake ID. The security is very strict. WTF!! I hate them.. Just let them go in the club la.... I pity them. That never hindered us to have fun. Me and the other three bitches went inside for a while to have a peak and a drink. It was fun taking pictures but it will be more fun if vin and sun is inside the club.

After that, we went to a pub at ""Boat Quay"". The mgr is so kind to allow the under 18 kid in her pub. The MOS security shud be like her. The music sucks but after ifran negotiate with Nisa, it was nice. We groove to the music. Wha ha ha..!!

Cam-whoring in the pub was great!! We went to Mcdonald to grab a bite and then chill at the side of the Singapore River... We play the Murderer thingy!! So fun...

Then is abt 2. We went to the Cavengah Brigde to take more pictures. We decided to go back home. Me and irfan will go back to yishun while Vin, Sun and Nel go back to Hotel 81 at Geylang... Sleep.... zzzzzzZZZZZzzzzzZZZZ..... Snore!
Listen to the music..
Make me wanna groove with the music.
And Dance all day long!!
Gimme More...